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Bill Gates and Washington State Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling (Image: He had me at “nerd farmer.” Nate

Ladies, a healthy, feel-good, orgasm-rich vagina, starts with your diet. This healthy diet allows your vagina to be sensitive when it

By David Love Finally, the U.S. will have a memorial to lynching, the dreaded, horrific and quintessentially American institution rooted

    by Safon Floyd We Need Diverse Books™ (WNDB), a grassroots organization that is dedicated to changing the publishing


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  by Kiersten Willis Rich Mavoko in “Ibaki Story” music video (YouTube) Africa has been exploding with hit-making talent in

By Lisa Respers France, CNN (CNN)Shad Moss was 13 years old in 2000 when he released his first album as

by Tanasia Kenney Jay Z’s popular music service, Tidal, has achieved modest success over the last year, offering its 4

By Gloria A. Morgan Ed, D. Rufus W. McGee, Jr. openly and enthusiastically shared his journey from percussionist to keyboardist


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Chris Brown Bills Insider It could’ve been the darkest offseason of his NFL career, but Aaron Williams has come through

By Kiersten Willis A tennis champion scored a win for the books. Serena Williams is the top winning player in

Kaepernick ‘Anti-American Mullatos’ After President Backs Athlete By Kiersten Willis The president of the United States commended an NFL player’s

By Christina Manduley, CNN Mother of fallen hero to 49ers QB: Sitting down “easy” 06:10 (CNN)When San Francisco 49ers quarterback