Kids Just Don’t Understand!

Kids Just Don’t Understand!




How many of us remember the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy
Jeff ’s song “Parents just don’t understand?” Remember
how as kids we sang along and memorized all of the words
because we felt like they wrote it for us? Listening to the lyrics
we realize that “Mom” valued education and learning and
not the fashion show he was trying to put on. Even when
he took the Porsche, knowing he was wrong, it was (in his
mind at least) his parents’ fault and they just didn’t get it.

Now let’s take this premise and apply it to our kids today…
see a resemblance? Is there any real value in education by
today’s modern day student? How many of our kids come
to school with the latest kicks or most fashionable gear, but
can’t read or write let alone multiply numbers like 3 and
12? How many pick on the student who gets A’s and B’s but
are failing every core subject, not to mention the ones that
are meant to be fun like gym? Who fails gym? As the kids
would say in text language…smh (scratching my head).

When will kids learn that taking care of them is not easy? When
will they understand that buying the sneakers they want for school
is not as important as putting a roof over their head and food on
the table? At one point do they realize that because mom didn’t
finish school, she can’t get the job that would pay her $20 an hour
and is forced to take the job that only pays her $8.25 an hour? Do
our kids recognize high paying jobs require experience, a high
school diploma and a bachelor’s degree—that there really isn’t any
more welfare because even they make you look for a job? When will
our kids learn that in order to have a place to live, food to eat and
clothes to wear it means you have to have a good job? And without
a high school diploma, it’s almost impossible to have that chance.

Education, humph, kids just don’t understand!!

~By Dr. Christine Brown Richards