Jekalyn Carr— Inspiring Youth

Jekalyn Carr—  Inspiring Youth





JC- There aren’t really any cons if you’re talking about peer pressure or anything like that. I’ve never really had to deal with that because peer pressure derives from identity confusion when you don’t know who you are. I thank God because He didn’t just bless me with a gift and the ability to sing and preach, but He also gave me boldness and confidence. So you don’t need validation; you don’t need people to say you did well. You have to know that for yourself, so I never had to deal with that pressure thing. The pros and just knowing that I’m not just traveling the world, but I’m actually seeing the fruit. People are being touched. I’m hearing testimonies week by week of how much people are being blessed.

MJ- How does confidence look to you? When you mentioned boldness and confidence how does that look for you?

JC- We have to understand that there is a form of confidence and there is true confidence. When you have it .. a form of confidence is when you have to do a lot to show you have it. But when you truly have confidence, you can walk into a place and your presence commands the atmosphere. I tell people all the time, “we have to make sure we really have confidence.” Especially with your gift or whatever God has called you to be, you will always have people who try to place labels on you. People have words, so you have to know for yourself what God is saying; you have to be confident in that.

MJ- What are the universal messages in the inspiring single—‘Something Big’?

JC- As I stated before, ‘Something Big’ is speaking about some of us who may find ourselves in great places or wherever you may find yourself; you cannot get complacent and settle. You have to allow God to pull you to every dimension that He wants to take you to–every place He takes us to is great. He wants us to be thankful and appreciative, but He always wants to try and challenge our faith so that He can continue to show us what He’s capable of much.

MJ- We know from speaking with your publicist, Cheryl Patterson of Universal Xperience, that you launched a national campaign around youth and peace called, Seek Peace. Speak to the youth about staying safe in life and taking advantage of the pledge to be peaceful and remain non-violent?

JC-I’m excited about that! We all know that when it’s summertime, usually the crime rate goes up. During the summer there is an opportunity for me to encourage the young people to direct their energy towards positive things, things that would help you grow into a better character and just working your gift. Where do you see yourself in life? Where do you want to be? What is God showing you? And so this is to encourage them to work their gift; you’re not too young. It doesn’t matter your age or where you came from. God knows where you came from when He placed His hand upon your life. So we just have to learn to tap into these gifts and direct our energy towards positive things that would help make a positive difference throughout our world.

MJ- I checked out your schedule and see you’re a road warrior, very busy and in different cities in the US every weekend. What brings you to Rochester, N.Y.?

JC- I’m so excited to be here in Rochester, NY. This is a youth event, but I just don’t limit it to that…there’s a word for everybody who showed up. I’m just excited for the people of God and excited for what He has to release to his people.

MJ- Who inspires you musically?

JC- I come from a singing family; my mom sings, so my inspiration has always been from my parents. I do have favorites. My all-time favorite is Pastor Shirley Caesar. She is my all-time favorite and also Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole.

MJ- Your social media is very impressive. How can we engage with you through social media?

JC- I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all under my name @JekaylnCarr and if you want to know when I’ll be in your city next or near your city. I post weekly where I’ll be, and you can also check out my website:

MJ- Awesome! I want to thank you again for your time. You’re such a blessing.

JC- Thank you!

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