Did You Know a 15 Year Old, Black Student Built a Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company

Did You Know a 15 Year Old, Black Student Built a Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company


At the tender age of 12 years old, Jaylen Bledsoe was your typical kid curious about the world, technology and entrepreneurship. However, what made him differ was action. He started a technology company that grew to over $3.5 million dollars in value in just three short years.

As you can imagine, the future is very bright for this young man. He intends to parlay his success into an elite education after high school. He plans on attending and growing at either Harvard or Stanford University, which are both excellent opportunities for the young mind to continue growing, networking and expanding.

Today he is a motivational speaker, digital strategy consultant and leader of the young enterepreneurs university he started. It is one of his goals to continue to encourage and raise the next generation of entrepreneurs that will service the world.


About Jaylen Bledsoe from his website.

[ADSENSE2]Jaylen Bledsoe is the Chief Executive Officer & founder at Bledsoe Technologies, LLC in Missouri & is only 15 years of age. He has expertise in start-up businesses, entrepreneurship, Venture Capital Funding, & directing marketing platforms targeted towards small and mid-sized businesses. In the past 3 years, he has focused on expanding Bledsoe Technologies, LLC and growing the number of youth involved in start-up businesses. Under Jaylen’s leadership, Bledsoe Technologies, LLC has achieved consistent revenue & client growth, quarter over quarter, and has built a roster of hundreds of customers worldwide. Some typical clients include Hazelwood West Middle School, NLAthletics & many other private clients. He is a frequent speaker on youth entrepreneurship, youth rights and start-up financing.


Mr. Bledsoe has an EDU Certification from Google for the Google Apps Platform. Jaylen is also a certified reseller for many Microsoft & Lenovo Products.

Jaylen has been recognized for his Academic Excellence, leadership & accomplishments, winning a “Presidential Academic Excellence Award” from President Barack Obama in 2009. In addition, he has also received the “Gateway Young Achiever of the Year” and selected as the 2nd place winner for the Missouri Parent Teachers Association “Diversity” contest. He is an active member of Wyman Teen Leadership Program, MICDS’ Young Republicans Club and has sat on the board at the National Youth Rights Association, serving as Treasurer of the Board.


As a Junior, Jaylen currently attends Hazelwood West Senior High, in Saint Louis, MO. He looks forward to majoring in International Business and Psychology at an Ivy League school such as Stanford or Harvard in the coming years. In the great words of Jaylen D. Bledsoe, “Don’t let your setback cause you to sit back, prepare for your comeback!”

Source: http://bledsoeglobal.com/