One Powerball Philosophy: ‘Share’ and ‘Share’ Alike

One Powerball Philosophy: ‘Share’ and ‘Share’ Alike


By Seth Voorhees

The winning numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the Powerball is 10.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing represents the biggest lottery jackpot in the world – ever. It’s the kind of money many of us say we’d share, if against minuscule odds, we somehow won.

But Sal Salafia is vowing to spread the wealth, even with those he doesn’t know, if he wins.

“If you hit that kind of money youre not going to be able to spend it all on your own anyway, so you may as well give it to the people in your community,” Salafia said.

The Brighton realtor hit Facebook and told friends to hit him up. Like and share his post, and if he wins, he’ll share the $1.5 billion jackpot with anyone who does it by tonight’s drawing.

“What an awesome way to spike Rochester’s economy if this really hit.”

Sal the realist knows the odds are slim, but it’s worth the shot. As a bonus, Salafia says because of his Powerball game, some people have said they’ll use him as a realtor, but that’s not why he’s doing it.

“It’s just an awesome way to give back, in my opinion, for the business we’ve been able to do in this community.”