Update from Congresswoman Louise Slaughter on Gun Violence

Update from Congresswoman Louise Slaughter on Gun Violence


Dear Friend,

As part of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I joined community activists, pastors, and Rochester leaders to grapple with Rochester’s epidemic of gun violence.

Far too many people in Rochester and across the country have lost their lives due to guns—89 every day, on average. We may not be able to stop every bullet, but the chance to stop one is enough of a reason to try.

In King’s words, “The time is always right to do what is right.” Rochester, that time is now.

This past summer, someone was shot in Rochester every 32 hours. Barely a day went by without one of our citizens being injured or killed by a gun. We can and must do better.

What can we do?

Just a few days ago, President Obama laid out an ambitious agenda to combat gun violence, from expanding background checks and strengthening mental health services to supporting gun safety technology and making gun data tracking easier for local law enforcement.

I fully support President Obama’s actions, and am a strong supporter of many other measures to curb gun violence that are currently being considered in Congress, including an assault weapons ban and steps toward ending gun trafficking.
To learn more about gun violence bills that I support, click here: louise.house.gov/gunviolence
If you have ideas about how to make our communities safer and stronger, contact me at louise.house.gov.