Regina King On The Wage Gap Between White And Black Actresses

Regina King On The Wage Gap Between White And Black Actresses





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“It’s really interesting with Jennifer Lawrence being vocal. My perspective is different than hers because my gap is even behind hers. To hear that she’s feeling some of the same, and when I say ‘she,’ [I mean] women that aren’t of color feel the same thing … I have to be honest my trajectory has been different than probably a lot of these other actors and actresses because I’ve had representation that always saw me as an actor not a celebrity and not a Black actor or a Black celebrity … I don’t ever remember being told ‘you can be this some day.’ I just always remember being told ‘be whatever you want to be.’ You create what you want to be.”

— Regina King explains in a recent interview with Larry King NOW the similarities and differences between her experience in Hollywood and that of other Black actresses and Jennifer Lawrence. King also discussed criticizing the Emmy Awards for lack of diversity and then winning her first Emmy in 2015 for her role as Aliyah Shaheed in American Crime.

“I feel two things. One, when I pressed send on that piece I thought, ‘Well I’ll probably never get nominated, but that’s OK I feel like this needs to be said.’ So the fact that I was able to point out statistics, express how I felt, and still come around full circle and be celebrated by the Emmy organization that was an award within itself. I do feel like there is some change and some movement — forward movement. I don’t want to speak too soon. I want to see where things go.”