Local Attorney Suspended From Federal Court

Local Attorney Suspended From Federal Court


By TWC News Staff

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Criminal Defense Attorney John Parrinello is currently suspended from federal court work. Federal court Judge Frank Geraci issued the 180 day suspension for unprofessional conduct.

Court documents say the suspension stems from Parrinello’s actions in court August 24, 2015 when he had a confrontation with the prosecution causing U.S. Marshals and court security officers to separate the two. The August incident allowed a previous private reprimand of Parrinello from a November 2012 incident to be made public.  At that time, the judge adjourned a court proceeding after Parrinello was accused of using profanity and vulgarity outside and inside the courtroom.

Parrinello said in the meantime he is still handling his cases in state courts. He said his son, Matthew will handle his cases in federal courts during the six month suspension.

John Parrinello describes the suspension as “very stressful.”