Wiesner Pleads Guilty in LDC Bid-Rigging Case

Wiesner Pleads Guilty in LDC Bid-Rigging Case


By TWC News Staff

Rochester, N.Y. — A guilty plea today from Robert Wiesner in connection with a Local Development Corporation or LDC bid rigging case. Wiesner, the former Monroe County Water Authority security director and husband of former Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, pleaded guilty to the charge of Combination in Restraint of Trade and Competition, a Class E felony.

In November, 2013 Wiesner, Daniel Lynch, John Maggio and Nelson Rivera were first accused of bid-rigging. Tuesday, he admitted working with the other men to rig the bidding process for a multi-million dollar public works contract with the county. Wiesner said he provided information about the county’s $212 million  public safety project to his co-defendants and their company, Navitech. He said it was information, other vendors did not have.

As part of the plea agreement, Wiesner will avoid jail time. Instead, he will be fined $5,000 and sentenced to three years conditional discharge. Wiesner also forfeited $3,000 for accepting a discounted personal residential alarm system and discounted monitoring services.