School No. 33 Celebrates ‘World Read Aloud Day’ With Local Leaders

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By TWC News Staff

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — City and county leaders and members of law enforcement shared their love of reading with students at School 33 Wednesday in Rochester. It was part of the 4th annual World Read Aloud Day to help spread the joy and benefits of reading together.

More than 100 volunteer readers spent time in classrooms reading books out loud to the kids. Parents are encouraged to do the same at home.

“I believe that reading is the most important way to get smarter and help other people understand how you feel about books and my mother used to read to me every night and when I was sick. She would read Green Eggs and Ham, Clay Monster and the Four Dinosaurs. It was really good,” said¬†Selenia Padilla, sixth grade student.

This event is part of a worldwide effort to call attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories.

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