Incredible Military Grade Flashlight Is Out!!

Incredible Military Grade Flashlight Is Out!!


Finally – the secret is out – Top Secret military technology has been declassified and approved for the general public. What once was banned is now available to you to protect yourself and your family.It seems that every time you tune into the news the world gets more chaotic and dangerous and Americans have had enough. People in America no longer feel safe walking the streets at night. The solution? Military grade Tactical Flashlights. Powerful declassified technology used by special ops forces and local law enforcement to blind, disorient and disarm the bad guys. Americans are now lining up to buy their own.

These are so popular that websites are selling out and companies like Shadowhawk Flashlights are having trouble keeping up with demand. These tactical flashlights are legal carry anywhere you go and even airplanes. Allowing you to defend yourself against the bad guys. Shadowhawk X800 Tactical flashlights are not only the most popular flashlights on the market but are also the most powerful. Known for their powerful disorienting “Strobe mode” this mode is effective in leaving an attacker “Disoriented beyond belief”. Simply point the powerful beam of light directly into an attacker’s eyes and they will instantly be vulnerable.

How Disarming are tactical flashlights, really?

Everyone has had their picture taken at night with the flash on. You know that after that small flash goes off that it takes your eyes a minute or two to readjust. Now imagine that flashlight is 100x more powerful and concentrated using military grade technology that enhances the light beam. This blinding light would leave you disoriented and confused with a loss of balance and ability to see effectively. This is the desired effect the engineers who took this declassified military technology who designed Shadowhawk X800 had in mind. A strong powerful beam of light capable of blinding any attacker ruining their vision and allowing you to run to safety or attack and gain advantage over them.

The honest trust is most people do not fully understand the importance of owning a tactical flashlight. Walking alone at night, driving down a dark road or camping you will know that you have a special weapon with this powerful beam of light. Just like our special forces and local law enforcement have.

Not to mention the ability to call for help using this tactical flashlight in case of an emergency. Think of this as your own personal “bat signal” The light can be seen up to 2 miles away! Military grade flashlights like the Shadowhawk X800 are new to the market and considering they use declassified technology we are not sure how long they will be available to the public.

Tactical flashlights like the Shadowhawk X800 currently are being used by the U.S. Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, U.S. Search and Rescue and now Private American Citizens.