Water Street Music Hall Is Denied Entertainment License

Water Street Music Hall Is Denied Entertainment License


ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The city of Rochester has denied an entertainment license to a popular concert venue, the Water Street Music Hall.

Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli sent a letter to the owner of Water Street Music Hall informing him of the city’s decision and ordered the club to cease public entertainment immediately.

Ciminelli sighted eight separate incidents over the last year where Water Street did not maintain control of the venue during concerts that ended with fights and reports of gun shots. Police say they’ve made several arrests there for fighting and disorderly conduct.

Water Street is a popular venue for local bands as well as national acts. Rochester native James Niche is a promoter for Duck Down Records. He has at least one band booked for Water Street later this month.

“It’s a little disappointing because of that size with Mobb Deep and Smith and Wesson I wouldn’t know where else to take that in Rochester and I know there’s a demand for artists like that,” said Niche.

Management released a statement:

“Water Street Music Hall would like to thank our neighbors and fans for the incredible amount of love and support we have received in the last two days. We are in touch with the City of Rochester to help resolve this matter in order to continue to bring the best entertainment possible to our city in the future.”

English metal band Asking Alexandria was scheduled to play at Water Street Friday night. The band is now scheduled to preform at Main Street Armory on East Main St.

A man delivering liquor at the club Friday morning said this is the second day in a row no one was available to take that delivery.

Water Street’s owner has 10 days to respond to the city’s ruling.