The Story of Kawhi Leonard: Maximizing His Dollars

The Story of Kawhi Leonard: Maximizing His Dollars


By OV Staff

Kawhi is not only an amazing player with wicked skills on the basketball court, he’s also getting attention for what he’s doing with his money.

Rather than wasting his money on a bunch of worthless European products, Kawhi is holding his money in his investment portfolio and living so modestly that it’s drawing national attention.  He doesn’t have a 20 room mansion:  He has a two bedroom apartment.  He doesn’t have 30 cars in his driveway:  He drives a 1997 Chevy Tahoe.

Now mind you, I don’t think that a person has to live this way in order to protect their money, but there is clearly something about this young man’s mindset that separates him for his peers.  Kawhi seems to respect the power of money without being fooled into thinking that money defines his quality of life.