NYS Police: Traffic Stop Leads to Fight, Trooper Shoots Suspect 3 Times

NYS Police: Traffic Stop Leads to Fight, Trooper Shoots Suspect 3 Times


By Wendy Mills

LIMA, N.Y. — A New York State trooper shot a New York City man multiple times after a fight with the man during a traffic stop, according to authorities. The incident happened in Livingston County around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

The trooper pulled over a man for a traffic violation on Routes 5 and 20 in Lima. For some unknown reason, the man got out of the vehicle and physically attacked the trooper along the road, according to authorities. The trooper fired three rounds hitting the suspect in the abdomen and shoulder area. He survived the shooting and is in the hospital. The trooper has facial injuries and is now resting at home. The suspect underwent surgery and is critical but stable condition.

The suspect is from the New York City area and was driving a rental car with Ontario plates. They have no idea why the man attacked the trooper.

“It’s never a routine stop, you can never become complacent because this could happen at anytime. You don’t know the people you’re stopping, what they might have in their car, what they might have just done prior to that stop. You always have to cautious and be on guard and be ready for everything, especially in a rural area like this. It’s different than being like say in the city of Rochester where you have backup two minutes away. The closest backup out here could be 15, 20 minutes before someone can be there to help you. You really have to be ready and prepared at all times,” said NYS Police Capt. Rick Allen.

The state police is meeting with the district attorney in Livingston County to determine what charges will be filed against the suspect.

Police are not releasing the name of the trooper or suspect at this time.