California primary: Live updates

California primary: Live updates




By Tal Kopan, CNN

My colleague Van Jones said this is a goosebump night. He means that even if you are not for Hillary Clinton, you will, as an American, take pride in the history that is made by her elevation to the presumptive status.

I get what he is saying and largely agree with him. I remember people who called my radio show in 2008 and said that they would not vote for Barack Obama but nonetheless felt good about the barrier he’d broken. I would just add something part anecdotal, part quantitative: I don’t think that Clinton inspires the same sort of passion among women as then-Sen. Obama did among African Americans in ’08.

I often ask female callers to my radio program on SiriusXM how much her gender matters to their decision making, and generally, I hear “not much.” That’s not what I heard and still hear about President Obama from people of color. This is particularly true among younger women — millennials. The internals of lots of exit surveys bear this out.

Yes, she defeats Sanders among women and will do likewise against Trump.

But will the passion match the last time a glass ceiling was shattered? I don’t think so.