Motherhood: do what speaks to your spirit!

Motherhood: do what speaks to your spirit!


By Doc Fancy

I had helped raise children since my younger years. See, my mother was a state licensed daycare provider for as long as I could remember. Our house was always full of vibrant youngsters running around. She not only provided daycare, she provided a home where your children could be safe where: they learned how to tie their shoes, their ABC’s, how to say, “please and thank you,” “yes and no ma’am.” She provided and environment for learning and a safe space to leave your babies while you had to work.

See, that is what motherhood is all about. Not just raising your own children but about raising a community of children who knew what it felt like to grow up in a safe, loving environment. That’s where my love for children came from; it’s from my mother and being raised by her and my father in a loving and stable home. So many of our children are missing that today.

Many of them do not know what it means to feel loved and to even have a stable home to go to. Many of them crave that very feeling today. I believe as Mothers we are placed on this earth not to just nurture our own, but to nurture those other children who need that motherly love. One of my greatest accomplishments in life is the birth of my two daughters. Giving them life was giving them a part of me. That is where the legacy began. Being a mother is not an easy job. With all the worrying, stress, and protective measures we take. But it is a job I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!!! We are often faced with difficult decisions as mothers.

Decisions that may not be what our children want but what we feel is best. This includes them and their friends and those who call you “Mom” without the biological attachment. Each child is a gift, whether it be a gift to their own mother or a gift to being a mother. WE must cherish them and nurture them, for one day they, too, will hold the honor of being someone’s mother!