The Hardship and Struggle of A Young Black Mother

The Hardship and Struggle of A Young Black Mother


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There are so many stories to hear, so much inspiration, so many sadnesses and struggles. For many women, poverty, safety and racism causes a lot of struggle.

The book Ghetto Mothers was written to show that women on the edge can make it out but doesn’t hide the reality of the struggle.

As one reviewer wrote:

“this book was very truthful touching and inspiring. she is completely truthful of all the things her and her family went through. she is a struggling addict in the beginning. by the end of the book she is a changed woman. we see too often young ignorant people mistreating their children. this is a first hand experience on why that really happens. she is thankful each step of the way. she continuously shows love to her family and friends. this book is from the beginning of her teens till age fifty. the end of the book is a bit repetitive. other than that a few typos this book is amazing. definite must read for young mothers or those who have cared for neglected children.”

Did you read this book? What did you think?

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