RESPECT: Rick Ross Loses So Much Weight He Saved His Own Life!

RESPECT: Rick Ross Loses So Much Weight He Saved His Own Life!


By Forest Parks


Rick Ross was a BIIIIIG man! Not only his mental presence but his size! While his personality can still fill a room the man himself is much much smaller, around 150lb smaller!

And that kind of hard work, turning his life around gains a lot of respect but it may have also saved his life!

Back in 2011 he was weighing around 350lbs. He was quoted as saying:

“Two years ago I suffered two seizures. And I woke up from that, wow, I really need to, you know, re-evaluate what I’m doing. I wanted to cut back on some of the drinking I was doing, sleep more, watch what I ate.”


Finding himself at a doctors office surrounded by 55-80 year old white dudes he felt out of place and realised there was a serious problem! He was pre-stage high blood pressure and heading for an early grave.

So, by facing the problem head on he started cutting back. He cut out soda, late night binges, created “Ross Fit”, his own customised cross fit and made sure he didn’t try and fad diets.

It’s 2016 now and he has put himself down to around 200lbs, he is building muscle and losing moe weight but showing the world you can be in control, you can make the changes you need.

Ultimate respect for this turn around!