Tim Duncan Declined Olympics Invitation from President Obama

Tim Duncan Declined Olympics Invitation from President Obama


Tim Duncan never seemed interested in the perks associated with stardom. Not even if it involved the President of the United States.

According to Sports Illustrated‘s Deantae Prince, Duncan’s former San Antonio Spurs teammate Bruce Bowen said the recently retired star turned down a personal invitation from Barack Obama to attend the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Tim, his legacy is always going to be more of the foundation guy in San Antonio and a guy that wasn’t ever concerned with the limelight, but more importantly concerned with others, making sure that they could really reach the most out of their potential.

It’s not often you find individuals like that. And it’s funny that he was offered an opportunity to fly here with the president of the United States, and he discussed it with me and I’m like, “You’re going, right?” He was like, “You know I’m not about that stuff.” Even that moment where you’d say, “I sure would like to be a part of that,” it doesn’t happen with Tim because he’s not concerned with that stuff.

Most people would have jumped at the opportunity, especially with former teammates Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills all competing. Maybe he didn’t want to watch Pau Gasol, who will try to replace the irreplaceable forward in San Antonio next season.

On Friday, Team USA narrowly salvaged a three-point preliminary-round victory over Serbia. Instead of offering Duncan an invitation to watch the squad, perhaps Obama should have persuaded him to play.