Authorities: Person Who Killed Brian Sullivan, Who Went Missing 9 Years Ago in Chili, Has Died

Authorities: Person Who Killed Brian Sullivan, Who Went Missing 9 Years Ago in Chili, Has Died


By TWC News Web Staff

There’s an update in the 9-year-old missing person case of a Chili man. The Monroe County sheriff’s office held a news conference Friday morning about the disappearance of Brian Sullivan.

Brian Sullivan disappeared just over nine years ago and authorities confirmed what had long been suspected – that Sullivan was murdered and that a local man who recently died was responsible for it.

Sullivan was 19 years old when he was last seen at a Burger King on Chili Avenue. His car was later found in a wooded area nearby. For nine years,Sullivan’s family was left to wonder exactly what happened.

The Monroe County sheriff’s office believes a local man, who they say was an acquaintance of Sullivan’s, killed him. But that man, Derrick Murray, 49, died earlier this month. Sullivan’s body was never found.

Authorities are sure there are people who know where he is.

“People within the Murray family know what happened to Brian. The purpose for us being here today is to not discuss these overall investigative techniques we’ve utilized throughout the nine years, it’s to bring Brian home. People associated with that family know where he is,” said Drew Forsythe, Monroe County undersheriff.

“Our plea is to those people to come forward and give us the information that we need so Barb, Dan and Brittany Sullivan can properly bury their son. There are people out there that 100 percent absolutely know where he is. Those are the people we’re pleading with, we’re imploring them. Derrick Murray is dead. Brian Sullivan is still missing. This family needs that final closure. Those people we mentioned, they know where he’s at,” said Forsythe.

“Nobody can be punished for the harm they caused Brian. We just need to bring Brian home and that’s all we’re asking,” said Barbara Sullivan, Brian’s mother. “There’s a family that misses his. We just don’t want to wonder anymore. We just want to bring him home. Please, they have nothing to lose. Nobody’s going to be charged. I thought on early, ‘I want justice and I want to bring my son home.’ I’m not going to get justice but I still want to bring Brian home.”

Time Warner Cable News spoke with Murray’s mother who said she wonders why investigators didn’t take her son into custody earlier if they suspected he had something to do with Sullivan’s disappearance. She called the news she learned Friday, ‘upsetting.’ She said she wasn’t aware he was considered a person of interest.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call 911.