Maturity the result for a now healthy Aaron Williams

Maturity the result for a now healthy Aaron Williams


chrisChris Brown Bills Insider

It could’ve been the darkest offseason of his NFL career, but Aaron Williams has come through a career-threatening neck injury with a much stronger appreciation for the game he loves.


That was the response of Corey Grahamicon-article-link after hearing his fellow safety Aaron Williamsicon-article-link had completed the concussion protocol and was cleared to start Week 1 at Baltimore. The one-word statement from Graham is understandable. Last season the veteran safety had to go the final 14 games of the year without Williams after he sustained a neck injury in Week 2 that would require surgery.

Then through the different stages of the offseason, Williams was limited in the practice setting. That was followed by an accidental and monstrous helmet-to-helmet hit between Williams and Dez Lewis that left the safety with a concussion in the second week of training camp. He did not dress or play in any of the team’s four preseason games. But now with the season opener four days away, Williams has the all clear.

“It’s always great to be back with my teammates,” Williams said after practice Tuesday. “It’s great to be back playing the game that I love. I had a freak accident that kept me back for a little bit. But in between those times where I couldn’t practice I was lifting and running trying to keep in shape and kept my head in the playbook.”