Looking For a Mentor: Perfect Match

Looking For a Mentor: Perfect Match


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By Kenny F. Jean

There’s a saying if you want to know how to be a millionaire, take one to lunch. Finding a business mentor or coach who has the fortitude and experience behind them will play a big part in the success of your venture of entrepreneurship or climbing the ladder in your career. Mentoring should be a purpose developmental relationship.

A good mentor will accept the protégé where they currently are in their professional development. As a mentor, I can remember what it was like starting out in my field. Overall good mentoring requires empowering the protégé to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes, share information and their ongoing support.

One of the most valuable assets your career or business can have is a good mentor

The role of the mentor should be one who is willing to show you the proper tools to help you succeed. Having a mentor or coach is more in demand and has a greater impact on the results of your business than ever before. Mentoring relationships usually include an expressed or implied expectation on the part of both mentor and protégé. With personal leadership, mentors have gone through a transition from being ordinary to extraordinary and learn to rise to the occasion from being a follower to a leader. A good mentor will share these strategies and tools with you to increase your chances of success.

One of the highest human needs is self-actualization and a good way to go about finding a mentor is to find one or three people who have the traits and level of success you are seeking to gain.

When you think the way the best way people think, you will soon adopt the same ways they think. A good mentor uses tried and true processes to help you remove obstacles and move forward, but it’s not about the process in this case it’s about you, your needs and concerns. A mentor can help you find your own answers and provide support, ideas and hold you accountable. Through mentoring, you can receive visibility strategies for success, access and exposure. Sharing their knowledge, mentors can give you valuable lessons of experience and guidance to ensue that you do not have to travel the same paths. This will leave you to the point of trying to pick up what information that you can, stepping on land mines that others may know exist.

Are you looking for a mentor or already have one, broaden your thinking regarding mentors and stretch yourself to develop relationships in different areas. Step outside quick judgments based job descriptions, management position or race. Evaluate what others have to offer and of course be willing to give back. Give yourself credit for the lessons you have learned and the experience you have gained by willing to assist others. Be willing to be a mentor also, not just a protégé.