Hundreds of Workers Fired After Participating In ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Strike

Hundreds of Workers Fired After Participating In ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Strike


Image: Protesters participate in a march against efforts to crack down on immigration

Scores of employees across the nation have reportedly been fired after participating in the “Day Without Immigrants” protest, in which hundreds of people missed one day of work to voice their frustration over President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policies.

The demonstrations swept cities from Florida and Oklahoma to Tennessee and New York, but many workers complained that their bosses gave them the boot for skipping out on work to join the peaceful protests. For instance, close to 20 workers from Bradley Coatings, Inc., a commercial painting company in Nolensville, Tenn., claimed they were terminated after taking part in the nationwide strike on Feb. 16, NBC4 reported.

“We are the team leaders directly under the supervisors and they informed us last night that we could not go back to work and the boss said we were fired,” a former employee told the news station, adding that the workers who joined in the “Day Without Immigrants” protests planned to make up their missed day of work on a Sunday.

“I would tell [the boss] that he was unfair, after working for them for so many years,” the unnamed employee said.

In a statement obtained by NBC4, company attorney Robert Peal said all workers had been warned that their jobs were on the line if they missed work that Thursday; 18 employees in all went to the protests anyway.

“Regretfully, and consistent with its prior communication to all its employees, BCI had no choice but to terminate these individuals,” Peal said. “The reason these employees missed work — to engage in peaceful demonstrations — had nothing to do with BCI’s decision to terminate them.”

A similar situation occurred in Bonita Springs, Fla., where several staff members at Grace Community School said they planned to take part in the nationwide strike, according to NBC News. Two employees at the school have since claimed they were fired, but the head of the Christian day care insists no one was terminated.