Bills Today: Pushing Taylor’s game forward

Bills Today: Pushing Taylor’s game forward



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The decision to keep Tyrod Taylor on Buffalo’s roster was made in part because head coach Sean McDermott believes he and his offensive staff can pull more from the quarterback’s skill set.

The decision to keep Tyrod Taylor on the roster Wednesday led many to contemplate the future of Buffalo’s offense under the direction of coordinator Rick Dennison with Taylor at the controls. Some outside observers are expecting Taylor to be the same quarterback they’ve seen the last two years. By the sound of it head coach Sean McDermott intends to pull even more from Taylor’s skill set.

“You look at the individual first and the skill set he brings to the table and the success he’s had to this point,” said Taylor. “You’re continuing to develop a player and we know about the mobility when plays break down. It does create headaches for defensive coordinators. I’ve been on that side of it. The scheme is an extremely good fit for Tyrod and his skill set. This was a very solid move in that regard.”


Though the offensive scheme will be new for the majority of the players on the roster, Taylor is familiar with it having run a very similar version in Baltimore under Gary Kubiak and Dennison. And when it comes to that system McDermott has a plan there too.

“I want to see him execute the system,” said McDermott. “Just like every other player whether you’re talking about offensive football at the quarterback position or defensive football and playing middle linebacker. I want to see the players execute the system and then use their natural abilities to make plays. If we’re doing our job as coaches that means putting them in position and shaping the system around their skill set. So that’s the marriage between athlete and system. So that’s really how I see it.”

McDermott has been around athletic quarterbacks before during his time coaching in Philadelphia and Carolina. So knowing how to get the most out of Taylor on the field seems to be an end game he and his offensive staff can realize.