Dirt Bike Rider Roughed Up on Video Tells Us He May Sue Police

Dirt Bike Rider Roughed Up on Video Tells Us He May Sue Police


By Seth Voorhees

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Two officers with the Rochester Police Department were suspended with pay while the department looks into an alleged case of brutality following the release of a video taken Easter Sunday on Northampton Street.

Police Chief Michael Ciminelli on Thursday addressed the 15-second clip, brought to his attention this week by Spectrum News.

The video shows someone on a motorbike pulling up in front of a home and what appears to be two police officers grabbing him from the bike and throwing him to the ground.

“A Rochester police officer used force and we have to look into whether it was justified,” Ciminelli said. “This is not a disciplinary action. It does not and should not be used to imply we’ve made a finding. We need more answers and until we get those answers, this is the status it will be in.”

Alexander Garries said he was pulled off his dirt bike, which he had been riding on a city street.

“That’s when I got snatched off my bike. One of the officers punched me in the ribs and they were standing on me, stomping on me, kicking me,” Garries said. “When they pulled me from my bike they pulled my arm out of the socket.”

Garries says the officers, whose identities the chief would not release, told him the bike had been stolen. He has the title to it. Garries said he was held for a short time, then issued a ticket for unlicensed operation and released.

In the meantime, Garries says he has contacted attorneys, and may sue. He’s also looking for an apology.

The Rochester Locust Club issued this statement:

“To place suspension on officers that were doing their job and not supporting them until the necessary facts are obtained is a total lack respect for our people. The Chief needs to run this department not run away from it because of a video and media attention.”