Mayor Warren Touts Jobs, Development in State of the City Address

Mayor Warren Touts Jobs, Development in State of the City Address


By Ryan Whalen

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — During the last State of the City Address of her first term in office, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren focused on progress and development she says is being made in all corners of the city.

“We’re building off of what we have done. We have reignited the city by working together,” said Warren (D).

Warren made the case for a second term—pointing to decreasing unemployment rate and noting 30,000 jobs have either been retained or created under her administration, numbers her opponents question.

Warren took exception to the criticism of statistics she says came from the Department of Labor, not her, and says if anyone want to see evidence of job growth, it’s easy to find.

“Go to YAMTEP [Young Adult Manufacturing and Training Program] and talk to the individuals that have gotten jobs or OTR [Operation Transformation Rochester] individuals that have been put to work and are taking care of their families because of the great work that me and my team have done on behalf of the citizens of Rochester,” said Warren.

As for education, the mayor says the city is not where it needs to be, but thanks to the city and state’s focus, things are improving.

“We were going backwards. The fact of the matter is we’re going forward. All of our numbers are improving and that’s something that we will continue to be proud of,” Warren said.

Warren spoke briefly about police accountability but did not directly mention three recently suspended officers. She elaborated after the speech.

“They’re being held accountable for acting outside of protocol. You cannot judge an entire police department by the action of three officers,” Warren said.

Warren’s message was well-received by the audience Monday—a message she’ll likely repeat countless times in the coming months.

Rachel Barnhart, an upcoming rival for Warren in the mayoral race, reacted to the address, saying, in part: “Lovely Warren is delusional” and “Warren’s not talking about the Rochester I know.”