Rochester’s First – Ever Why Did I Get Married Conference

Rochester’s First – Ever Why Did I Get Married Conference


ROCHESTER, NEW YORK (May 2, 2017)–There will be a lot of brides preparing the final touches for their big dayas wedding season approaches, but for folks who are already married they know that marriage is about more than a beautiful dress and the perfect pair of shoes.
Marriage is hard work,and with 16 years of marriage under their belts Cory and Tanishia Johnson know the difficulties married couples face when it comes to finances, raising children and communication. That’s why they created L.O.V.E Marriage Ministries. Cory and Tanishia have made it their mission to help couples build and maintain their marriages.
If you enjoyed the hit movie Why Did I Get Married by Tyler Perry, then you’ll love the Why Did I Get Married conference, hosted by L.O.V.E. Marriage Ministries . Much like the film, which chronicles the love life of 4 couples as they struggle with maintaining healthy relationships in modern times, the conference focuses on helping couples build and maintain strong marriages.
“L.O.V.E Marriage Ministries’ vision is to support and strengthen black marriages and family. We want to support, uplift and celebrate black marriages; having a platform that reflects that black marriages not only exist but that they are healthy, thriving and everlasting,” said Tanishia Johnson. “In today’s world where divorce is at an all-time high and children are impacted tremendously through that process, we know and believe that support to couples is what it takes to help them sustain their families and that this, in fact, creates a ripple effect throughout our community. If we want a healthy community and healthy children, we MUST start with supporting families and then witness the greater impact not only in our neighborhood communities but in our school communities as well,” said Cory Johnson.
Cory and Tanishia are the parents of 5 children and both are educators in Rochester. They believe the strength of every community begins with strengthening and empowering strong, healthy families.
In just a few weeks, Cory and Tanishia will host the first-ever Why Did I Get Married Conference. The conference will address the realities that married couples face and offer workshops on topics such as: “How to Fight Fair”, “Forgiveness”, “Intimacy”, and “MoneyMatters”
Conference details are below.
Conference Details Saturday, May 20, 2017
9:00 AM-4:00PM
The Clover Center for Arts and Spirituality
1101 Clover Street,Rochester, NY 14610
Registration: $70.00 per couple
Register at
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