Carlene Covington

i wanted to write with sunshine splashed across my face, curtains hanging by a tight snug,
windows open widely,
birds whistling afar off,
the blaring of a truck in reverse,
its Sunday morning…
all is quiet,
yet my soul is graciously experiencing Mother Earth,
the tiny smell of a mowed lawn,
a faint blue sky squeezing marshmallow clouds,
i should be in somebody’s church,
singing my song,
praising God with high Hallelujahs.
but for now, i’ll enjoy the strip of sunshine which
occupies the edge of my bed,
the nestling sound of newborn chicks awaiting their breakfast,
the humming of a dysfunction generator,
and watch curtains now swaying for the gentle breeze of an spring wind,
i take a quick sip of tea.
swallow and exhale.
a new morning
brings new mercies.
i am forever grateful.


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