A Life of Complex Lessons – The Making of Tupac Shakur

A Life of Complex Lessons – The Making of Tupac Shakur



Ericka Blount

Tupac Shakur, who would have been 46 on June 16, to coincide the biopic “All Eyez on Me” will be released that same day . It will be a difficult challenge for filmmakers to delve deeply into the complexities of Tupac from his evolution to devolution. Tupac remains a complicated figure in black art and politics. He is celebrated as a hip-hop figure, who embraced the streets and what he labeled “thug” life, who spoke about revolutionary change and the conditions of oppression. In the end he became his own cautionary tale of someone who lost his balance and tilted over into a world of real gangsters and the unforgiving violence of gun play that the streets can lead you to.

A Child of Revolutionary Beginnings 

Tupac was born to a revolutionary family of Black Panthers, from his mother, Afeni Shakur, who was a section leader of the Harlem chapter, to his stepfather, Mutulu Shakur, and godfather, Geronimo Pratt. Theis beginning provided the foundation for who Tupac was throughout his short, but fully lived life.

In 1970, during her trial, Afeni Shakur was standing in front of the courthouse in New York where she was being prosecuted for crimes she didn’t commit.” They are fixing to give us 75 years,” Afeni said after the indictment in 1969 of the Panther 21. “But I’m a revolutionary and I know that if I go, there will be someone to come after me.”