Serious Injuries After Car Rear-ends HELP Truck

Serious Injuries After Car Rear-ends HELP Truck


By Spectrum News Staff

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A witness described it as something out of a movie. A car careened into the back of a state HELP truck Tuesday morning. It happened on Interstate 590 south around 8:45 a.m.

State Police are once again reinforcing the importance of the Move Over Law. They say Tuesday’s crash could’ve been so much worse.

A HELP Truck, with its lights on, was parked alongside the expressway just before the Browncroft exit helping a disabled van when a sedan hit it from behind. The force pushed the truck into the van, and then struck two people standing in front of it.

Four people were taken to the hospital.

The HELP Truck driver had minor injuries to his head, the driver of the sedan has serious injuries.

A witness who was right there as things happened described the scene to us.

“I looked over and the beige car goes right into the HELP Truck and there was another vehicle in front of it, and the front went up all over the place,” described Terry Conheady, witness. “I lost it. I just lost it. If I weren’t in the other lane I would’ve been dead… I don’t understand it, why don’t people… they were on the side of the road. The HELP truck was helping another car and it came like they didn’t even see it… this guy had no clue, he was looking down, he was doing something else.”

“The Move Over Law saves lives. And it’s not just for police, it’s also for tow truck operators,” said Mark O’Donnell, NYSP, “And for people who are the side of the road. It happens almost on a daily basis, where tow trucks, emergency services personal, construction workers are struck or nearly struck by motorists. There are close calls everyday in this region and throughout the state. It’s imperative that people understand these people have families they want to get home to at the end of the day. We can make that happen if we simply reduce our speeds and move over.”