Lovely Warren Secures 6,000 Signatures for Re-Election Bid

Lovely Warren Secures 6,000 Signatures for Re-Election Bid



Monday, June 10, 2017 — Mayor Lovely Warren turned in 6,000 petition signatures to the Monroe County Board of Elections on Monday, six times
the number required to secure a place on the ballot this fall.

“I am humbled by the level of support our campaign has seen in these early stages, and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who took the
time to volunteer for my campaign or sign a petition,” Warren said. “This is further proof that our efforts to create more jobs, safer and
more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities are reaching every corner of our city, and I look forward to a successful
campaign and serving our citizens for another four years.”

This is just the latest in a series of victories for the Warren campaign. Last week, Mayor Warren secured the endorsement of the Women’s Equality Party, and earlier this summer, she earned the support of the City of Rochester Democratic Committees.

This support is hard-earned. Hundreds of volunteers spent countless hours to help the Mayor’s campaign, bringing her message to the people
of Rochester. Every day, they brought back positive stories of their interactions with voters supporting the work she has done to build a
peaceful and more prosperous city for all.

“I am deeply grateful for the hard work of my campaign volunteers. You can’t have a dream without a team, and while we have made so much
progress, there is much more work to do. I run my campaign exactly like I conduct myself as Mayor – by building a strong team to create a
brighter future for our city and its people.”

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