Mayor Warren Demonstrates Support Across All Sectors

Mayor Warren Demonstrates Support Across All Sectors


By OV Staff

Tuesday, July 18, 2107 — Mayor Lovely Warren filed her campaign finance report Monday evening, touting support from all walks of life and every corner of the city.

“Four years ago, team Lovely started this journey on a shoestring budget, with a group of volunteers calling for change,” said Campaign Manager Brittaney Wells. “We are conducting this campaign the same way we did our last – by ​staying positive, relying on hundreds of volunteers, and ​engaging voters of all backgrounds in every corner of our city. This diverse show of support is a testament to Mayor Warren’s commitment to our city, and thanks to this support our campaign will have the resources to engage every citizen and carry us on to victory in September and November.”

Hundreds of regular citizens turned out for Mayor Warren’s reelection announcement, more than 150 volunteers worked alongside the Mayor to collect 6,000 petition signatures (more than double the combined total of her opponents) and she has received strong financial support for her campaign from a diverse group of contributors.

“In the aftermath of the Trump election, people are engaged more than ever in the political process,” Wells said. “Rochesterians recognize that Mayor Warren is fighting on their behalf and standing up to the divisive politics in Washington by standing up for us. Mayor Warren will continue standing up for what is right and fighting for more jobs, safer neighborhoods and better education for all residents.”

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