Mayor’s Fight Against Heroin Epidemic

Mayor’s Fight Against Heroin Epidemic


Mayor Warren’s record on the fight against heroin sales and use in Rochester is beyond reproach. In 2016, the Mayor launched a comprehensive program to purge the sale and use of heroin from North Clinton Avenue and other areas of the city. The Mayor’s anti-heroin operation engaged a holistic approach to the issue and included several points of focus, including the creation of a innovative new program that gives patrol officers the ability to transport users directly to drop-off treatment centers where they’ll get the help they need; stepped up law enforcement to deter sales and use; and environmental changes to the neighborhood. A significant component of this initiative includes an increase in resources for health-centered responses to this crisis.

Mayor Warren enlisted the help of several community partners in this initiative, and the results thus far have been welcomed by the citizens of North Clinton Avenue and other affected areas.

Mayoral candidate James Sheppard is scheduled to hold a news conference today at which he is expected to announce his own plan to fight heroin in Rochester should he become Mayor. It is well worth noting that this is yet another example of Mr. Sheppard calling attention to something he hopes to one day accomplish to deflect attention away from what he has failed to accomplish, both as Rochester Police Chief and a Monroe County Legislator who represents city residents.

Mr. Sheppard ended an almost four year tenure as chief as the heroin epidemic was embedding itself in our neighborhoods, yet he developed no plan to fight it. Moreover, since he was elected to the Legislature, Mr. Sheppard has not introduced one piece of legislation that would direct the County’s considerable resources, which include the Department of Health, the Department of Social Services, the Office of Mental Health, Probation and the Monroe County Jail, to become more engaged in the fight against heroin addiction. He has also never picked up the phone to call the Mayor’s Office or current Police Chief in the Rochester Police Department to inquire how he and his office can be of assistance in the City’s fight against heroin.

Mayor Warren has a demonstrated track record of bringing community groups and residents together to combat the scourge of heroin.

It is time for Jim Sheppard to stop talking about what he hopes to do about heroin someday and join the fight today. Yet again, Jim Sheppard wants to talk about what he wants to do and hopes that nobody will notice what he has actually done – or failed to do.


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