My Brothers are Dying

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Why, texture of his hair limits access to care, generations
no education, lack of means, hate, or, is it what he ate
My Brothers are crying, tears you’ll never
see, this land of milk and honey and all you
can eat, why is his sugar, not sweet
My Brothers are sighing, bad blood in
Tuskegee, healed, he’ll never be, hot meal
and ride, 35 dollars paid the day he died
My Brothers are eyeing smokes that make him
choke, sight to glaucoma left him blind and broke
My Brothers are buying feels, wheels, deals,
little blue pills to medicate his hurt
My Brothers are prying, glass ceiling no breaks,
can’t let another brother lose his shirt
My Brothers are frying, incarceration in this mighty
nation, voting is not in harmony with his felonies
My Brothers are lying, blues, balding, manopause,
anxiety, erectile dysfunction, not He
My Brothers are flying LDL, BUN, PSA, AST,
off the chart Hemoglobin S and HA1C,
elevated antibodies, dam, he got HIV
My Brothers are high in diseases of the
Heart, Prostate Cancer, Homicide, get smart,
stroking a hearse won’t remove this curse
My Brothers are trying but the pressures up,
his silent killer won’t ever be a thriller
My Brothers are dying, can you care, whisper
a prayer, before he lose his life or share
My Brothers are Dying
My Brothers are Dying
(a nurse’s plea for black men)


Theresa Lou Bowick BSN, RN

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