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By OV Staff

I am not one to engage in politics, but looking at our local campaign(Rochester, NY), it is sad to see that Mayor Lovely Warrens opponents will go to the extreme to discredit her, and use smear techniques like they used towards President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They want to focus on the  negative, and talk about the bad they see in Rochester- much like when Donald Trump talked about “American Carnage”

What I see from the Warrens Administration, is that they are keeping the campaign positive. The Warrens Administration wants to keep the focus on the amazing growth and momentum that is taking place in our city. Please do not get side tracked by the “circus”.  The best thing that we can do as a community… is to please go out and vote!


Thank you,


Concerned Citizen.

Like Michelle Obama said – “When they go low, we go high.”