Our Mayor’s Pledge Against Violence

Our Mayor’s Pledge Against Violence




As a mom the issue of gun violence takes on even more importance to me as I worry about my own daughter and all of the other children in our city. My grandfather — one of the biggest role models in my life — was a victim of gun violence and nearly died.

Throughout my life, I have lost friends to both gun violence and the criminal justice system.  I have worked tirelessly to get illegal guns off the streets. I started a Gun Court — the first of its kind in the state — to ensure that justice will be served. We hosted a gun buyback program, and initiated a successful new community-based police model. As a result shootings were down 22 percent last year.

But we can’t just be punitive. Young people need an alternative to the culture of gun violence. And this starts with access to jobs for ALL of our citizens.I have worked with City Council and community partners to accomplish the following:

  • “Ban the Box”
  • ReJOB
  • Operation Transformation Rochester (OTR)
  • The Young Adults Manufacturing Training Employment Program (YAMTEP)

Check out this video to learn more:

If we want to prevent violence, we must offer our young people an alternative. That’s why
I’ve been working so hard to create jobs. In the past four years our unemployment rate
has dropped from 9% to 6%, and we have created jobs for our citizens. I look forward to
expanding on these efforts over the next four years, and I thank you for your support.
All my best,