Marcell Dareus back with the Bills, healed from hamstring injury

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By Jon Scott

PITTSFORD, N.Y. — The past two seasons by Marcell Dareus haven’t lived up to the $108 million contract he signed just before them. But while the outside world may be doubting his worth, Dareus is sticking to his game.

“I don’t even think about them; I have no time, I have no space in my mind. I have a season, I have to get prepared for my teammates, and I know they’re doing the best for me. I’m just going to continue to put one foot in front of the other, and just stay focused. If anything, I have something to prove to myself and to my teammates and the fans. I just want to do my best. Me doing my best I know is good enough,” said Dareus.

Plenty change surrounding Dareus and the defense. He feels just as comfortable in the 4-3 as 3-4, but is getting used to the way new d-line coach Mike Waufle runs things.

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“He’s a motivator. He’s very strategic and he’s a no-nonsense guy. At the same time, he’s a Marine so do it the right way and don’t waste your time. Don’t waste movements, and just do it the right way. Do it the best way you can, possible,” said Dareus.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Dareus’ partner in the middle. Kyle Williams’ future was in the air this off-season, and Dareus is motivated to get back to their dynamic duo ways.

“This is our seventh year playing together. I haven’t played a game—I haven’t been in too many seasons—without him. I mean, we’ve doing pretty well together; we have a lot of fun out there. I would say that he would be my work wife and we have good communication, so, we don’t fight, we don’t argue, we just kind of go with the flow,​” said Dareus.

If Williams and Dareus can anchor the defensive line like before, there’ll be no doubt as to the disruption they’ll create.

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