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            Mr. James Young


Inside the creation of this human experience, something went dreadfully wrong. We allowed race to disconnect all of us, which opened the doors of religion  to separate us. Which gave way for politics to rule us, to confuse us, and to divide us. And the most dastardly deed of them all,  wealth, as a means to classify us, measure one’s worth by what you possess. The poorest on the bottom and the wealthiest on the top and it’s a free-for-all for those trapped in the middle. The Humanity Initiative Project is but a mere whisper in this massive paradigm shift to humanity, listen closely, “There is a change coming.”




I believe it is imperative that we examine closely the perils of the human condition.  Mass murder around the world is at an all time high.  Hunger, poverty, and ignorance are devastating entire countries.  Global warming can no longer be viewed as “nonsense science.”  Terrorism is destroying the very fabric of society which all sides justify with their religious beliefs, ideologies, and political jargon.

Disaster is knocking on humanity’s door. There was a time I believed these conditions existed outside of the United States.  To my surprise you can go into any impoverished neighborhood across America and see Third World conditions.  Drugs are rampant, hope is in despair.  Healthcare is only a concern when you are sick.  Eating healthy is not even an option because eating isn’t guaranteed.  If we are to save humanity, this is where we must start, at the bottom.  We have to start where it is the bleakest. We have to repair the tattered fabric of hope, dignity, self-worth.   When we can reach back in and lift another up, this increases the success of all. The successful must come back and help the unsuccessful.  By helping the unsuccessful become successful is the only way to eliminate failure.



So now you ask, “How do I propose to do all this?”  That’s where all of you come in.  Just take a look around and you will either see or hear someone’s pain.  So write me, tell me your suggestions.  Let’s open up a forum of communication.

I can be reached at jamesyoung@thehumanityinitiativeproject.com


We can make a difference.


James Young, Chairman of the Board


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