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We live in a time where it seems that everything is moving at lightening speed. Technology is changing daily. Before we are used to one new technology advent another is out. In two areas of technology, the ever present cell phone and FB, with their increasing sophistication in the use and methods of non vocal communication, I see casualties increasing. People are becoming isolated by the very tool that is meant to bring them closer together.
People are, by their divine nature, are tactile beings. We are designed to touch other people, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Emojis, giffy’s and hallmark ecards are all nice but when you are hurting or confused and at your wits end, you need a real live touch. We are designed to be in community, not just online, but in person.


Women are especially needful of a divine community of other women. BHEIRS” is such a divine community. A place where you can be instructed, supported, nurtured and loved. A community where you can touch and be touched by other divine creations. “BHEIRS” A community of the creatives, the artists, the dreamers, the believers, the visionaries, the teachers and disciples, seers and the seen. A community where the elders and and the youngers con reason together, cry and rejoice together, hurt and heal together. A divine community of divine women caring for themselves and each other.


I am a witness of the impact of “BHEIRS” I have been giver and receiver, teacher and learner and I am the better for it. I applaud, my sister friend, Regina Geames for following the vision she was given; to develop a community of divine fellowship and communion where we can grow and thrive and BE. I recommend you try BHEIRS for yourself…if you need more than a text, a Fb message a like, an emoji or a giffy. If you really need to touch and be touched then come to “BHEIRS”



Reverend Phyllis D. Jackson RN BS



Reverend Phyllis D. Jackson RN BS

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