Sheppard concedes, wishes Mayor Warren ‘best of luck’

Sheppard concedes, wishes Mayor Warren ‘best of luck’


By Gabrielle Lucivero

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The room went nearly silent as the results came in Tuesday evening. James Sheppard supporters disappointed with the outcome of the democratic primary, an outcome that has now halted his campaign for mayor.

Sheppard, we know former Rochester police chief has run a campaign founded on building up the community by encouraging that community to get involved in the process

He’s been focused on the issues he knows most from his time in the police force. Primarily working to improve some of the cities worst neighborhoods, doing that by decreasing violence and poverty in the area.

Sheppard did not need to win this primary to continue his run for mayor, he was endorsed by the working families and Independence Party, but says for now, this is the end of the road for his mayoral campaign

“I don’t think it’s a matter of just going through the process to be going through the process,” Sheppard said. “I entered this race, I entered this campaign to win and I entered this campaign to win in the primary. And I do support the support I’ve received from the independence party and the working families party but I also think it’s important to know when to let go and move on.”

Sheppard wished Mayor Lovely Warren best of luck in her second term in office.

As for what’s next for him, he plans to continue with his position on the Monroe county legislature.