Barack Obama

Barack Obama


44th President of the United States(Born August 4th, 1961


Born in Hawaii in 1961, and raised with the help of his grandparents, President Obama’s story is truly inspirational, and confirms his belief that a “life so blessed should be lived in a service to others”.

After completing college, President Obama moved to Chicago and helped rebuild impoverished communities with the help of churches, before moving on to Cambridge to attend law school. Once he graduated, he moved back to Chicago to remain active in his community, teach constitional law at Harvard, and to practice as a civil rights lawyer.


In 2009, he became the first African American president of the United States, and was then relected for a second term in 2013. In breaking barriers that were deemed impossible, President Barack Obama will intuitively remain an undeniable example that progression can be achieved by hope coupled with unyielding action.