New York State to Protect Youth from Tobacco Marketing



Rochester, N.Y. – Youth in Monroe County across New York State are declaring Friday, October 13 as the first ever “Seen Enough Tobacco Day”. This day is about protecting themselves and other children from the billions of dollars of tobacco promotions in places where they and other youth can see and be influenced by them. The goal is to put an end to youth smoking and other tobacco use.


Reality Check youth members of Eastridge High School here in Rochester and across the state are holding “Seen Enough Tobacco Day” activities and encourage community participation. Reality Check Youth will be displaying key statistics outside of their school using pumpkins in the morning before school starts (7 AM), followed by lunch activities throughout the day(10:45 AM-12:45 PM). Stop by and check out these spooky themed activities.


WHO:             Eastridge Reality Check Group

WHERE:        2350 Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14622

WHEN:          Friday, October 13th, 2017.

CONTACT:   Joseph Potter, 585-484-1504 (Office) 607-738-4609 (Cell)



The New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Tobacco Control funds Reality Check to increase support for New York State’s tobacco-free norm through youth action and community engagement.  Efforts are evidence-based, policy-driven, and cost-effective approaches that decrease youth tobacco use, motivate adult smokers to quit, and eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.   Reality Check is a component of the Smoking and Health Action Coalition (SHAC), which is a program of the American Lung Association of the Northeast. Call 585-484-1504 or visit for more information.