A loan of $8,000 helps to hire and grow my youth journalism program.

A loan of $8,000 helps to hire and grow my youth journalism program.


Hello To All,

I would like to say, thank you to everyone that has supported me through the years with Our Voice- The Magazine. I came here with nothing but a vision. Rochester embraced me from the beginning. It was a little difficult getting use to, but it worked out well. I started a youth program four(4) years ago. The program teaches youth critical thinking, thinking outside the box, being a team player, and as well as being a leader. You just have to know your role in life. The program is growing, and I am needing more equipment, hire assistance, and have a little cash reserve to pay for the assistance. I am asking for a $25 investment to help fund this vision. The reason I say investment than to donate… because your hard earn money will help me do some great things for the youth here in Rochester. Plus, you get your money back!!!!! Again, I thank you to all the people and groups who invested in me. And to the future investors. Thank you.


Kenny is looking to purchase new equipment and hire new staff for his digital magazine. Our Voice gives its readers defined and diverse sections in which to explore and embrace their neighborhood, city and state.

To invest in Our Voice- The Magazine, lend Kenny $25 now!


and don’t forget to check out the magazine itself here: http://1ourvoicemag.com/