Genesee St. mass shooting documentary premieres

Genesee St. mass shooting documentary premieres


By Jordan Mazza

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Tuesday night was the premiere at the Little Theatre for a new film that documents one of Rochester’s most painful moments.

“Move” is a documentary about the August 2015 Genesee Street mass shooting and its aftermath.

Local first-time filmmaker Tam Little, no relation to the theatre, has previously lost family members to gun violence and said filming hit close to home.

“I had to document in the midst of tears, in the midst of confusion,” Little said. “And it was hard — it was hard even editing the film because I was able to see the young men alive and seeing them full of laughter.”

The film aims to give a more complete picture of the victims and their families.

“It makes it that much more powerful just hearing the stories about their lives.,” said Scott Pukos of The Little Theatre. “And it makes you realize more that this is something we can’t have happen again. And hopefully this will jump-start a conversation and maybe prevent a future incident.”

Local organizations fighting gun violence say they hope the film and its title will turn that conversation into action.

“Get up and move,” said Chiara Smith of Save Our Youth. “Move you towards finding a resolution in our community, move you towards getting involved in some of the different programs we have in the community to help us combat gun violence.”

The filmmaker says those who have shied away from confronting gun violence can no longer ignore it.

“You need to feel it, and you need to actually go and do something about it,” said Little. “I think if we all do a little something we can all get a lot done.”

The Little Theatre will screen “Move” again Friday and host a question-and-answer panel following the film.

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