Lynching In Our Own Community

Lynching In Our Own Community



By Kenny F. Jean


I do not know where to start. Sitting back, and watching what is happening to a profound brother(Dr.Umar Johnson) that honestly cares about Our community and Our young men. Why is this man being attacked by Our own people? Is it jealously… Maybe? Is it envy… possibly? This is a straight lynching and assault by Our own people on Dr. Umar Johnson.

I see it time and time again, where we(Black Folks) attempt to tear each other down. Why? How do you benefit from hurting your own brother or sister? I don’t get it!!!! We can be so much stronger when we work together. Can’t you see what is happening within and to Our community? The division in the community is what’s holding back Our progress. Doing this kind of harm to your own community is very shameful and harmful at the same time.

The Black community is the ONLY community that fight one another in public. Mistreat one another. Steal from one another. Disrespect one another. I just do not get it. You will NEVER see Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Haitians, and Caucasians fighting one another in public. It is a rare occasion when that happens. Everything is handled behind closed doors. Why do we air out Our dirty laundry to the public?

Those groups work with each other. They might not get along, However, they have one common goal, and that is to make money together and build. WE are the ONLY one that cannot do that!! Why?! We are fully capable of  working and building like everyone else. We are intelligent beings(Kings & Queens Respectfully).

I have experienced some of this lynching in my lifetime. Believing that most good Black folks have experienced this type of lynching by your own people. That is why I get so disgusted and annoyed when I hear some of Our people talking about being so pro Black. Fist up in the air. Afro this.. Afro that! Majority of Our people that speak out loud are the lynch doers. Never talk about how pro black you are! Just be pro Black!! Compliment your words with your actions.


When you know the truth… You will stand strong!


“Dr. Umar Johnson words… are my words”.


P.S. I Love You My Brother. GOD Is with You.