Drivers urged to take precautions during snow conditions

Drivers urged to take precautions during snow conditions


By Melanie Johnson

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Drivers are being asked to take more precautions as the snow piles up across the area.

According to AAA, road side service calls have increased significantly.

They tell us they have received an influx of calls ranging from dead batteries, to cars slipping and sliding into ditches and out of driveways.

“On a normal winter day in Rochester, we see about 300 calls in the metro area and much lower in the rural areas, said AAA Roadside Assistance Manager Mark Mika. This week that`s changed. In the rural areas it has jumped considerably almost to 600 calls in one day.”

Local car repair shops are also seeing more vehicles come through this time of year because of accidents.

“Get familiar with your vehicle. Get to know what your anti-lock brakes feel like before you need to use them in a situation like that. It is a foreign feeling to a lot of people and a lot of times the first time they experience is right before they get into an accident,” said Jason Deats, who manages NU-Look Collision.