Alert for Perinton couple who disappeared

Alert for Perinton couple who disappeared


By Spectrum News Staff

An alert was issued to find a Perinton couple, who were last seen and heard from in late January.

Deputies are looking into what’s categorized as the disappearance of Robert and Mary Ross, who are in their 70s.

The sheriff’s office stated that Robert was last seen at a medical appointment on January 30, and that a concerned social worker notified authorities.

Mary was last heard from on January 29, in a phone call between her and her son, who investigators said has traveled in from Boston.

Their Son Robert Ross tells Spectrum News that the last time he spoke to his stepmother Mary was over a week ago.

Investigators say the last known phone call was determined to be made from the Charlotte area when a call was made from Mary’s pre-paid cell phone to Strong.

A missing persons report was filed on Monday. Robert is 73, 6-foot tall, about 200 pounds and has brown eyes. Mary is 72, 5-foot-4 and 160 pounds and has brown eyes also.

Deputies also provided the make, model and license plates of their vehicle: A 2017 Kia Sorrento, with vanity plates that read BLUSTERY.

Investigators said the Ross’ home was not disturbed, and that there were no trips planned, with no signs of no suspicious cell phone or bank account activity.

As the investigation continues, every day that goes by, Robert sees that window of his parents being found safe is getting smaller.

“You know, we might be looking at a homicide investigation or they are at the bottom of a pond,” says their son Robert, but he adds that he is optimistic that they will return home.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.