Students, parents stand up for RCSD principal after tenure declined

Students, parents stand up for RCSD principal after tenure declined


By Breon Martin

ROCHESTER N.Y. — An empowering moment for Rochester students and parents standing in solidarity Thursday afternoon.

They were supporting their principal, Caterina Leone-Mannino of Enrico Fermi School 17 in the JOSANA neighborhood, after the Rochester School Board declined to grant her tenure, last week.

Leone-Mannino took a chance on the school back in 2015; even when in previous years New York State labeled the school “failing.” Since taking over, she has opened the eyes of dozens.

“I was in school 17 before and after Leone and now School 17 is wonderful and it’s not fair for her,” says mother, Limarie Rodriguez.

During the Rochester Board of Education meeting Thursday night, board members were able to hear from 38 speakers.

Hearing from each, School Board President Van White wanted to make clear that Leone-Mannino is not being pushed out the door.

“The board made no decision to remove her from that school and when I heard young people in particular say we are afraid that she’s going to be removed, that would be the worst thing for those kids I agree with that,” White said.

At this time, each board member recognizes her ability and anticipates the continuous changes and growth coming out of school 17. She will stay on as principal.