Crack + Lead = Crime?

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Sometimes, I ask myself… why do we have so many young people committing violent crimes here in Rochester? Is it due to lack of structure, lack of parenting(Parent(s) that are on drugs), lack of jobs, or is it a simple case of our children suffering from lead poisoning? Doing research, I found out that lead poisoning can slow the development of the brain, and some of these young men and women are a product of drugs(Crack Babies).

Our youth are up against the damn wall. If they come from such environment… is it really their fault when they do something wrong? This is up for discussion. Let’s do the numbers; most of our youth here in Rochester, NY that are committing these crimes are roughly around 17-23 years of age. Now, if you back track 15-23 years… what do you come up with? Lead poisoning was effecting the inner community in the early 80’s, due to children eating paint that had/has lead in it. If you take time out to understand the pain and the environment these kids from from… maybe we can help them better, instead of always wanting to throw them out like trash. The attack is on Our youth, and not on us any longer.

There is a system that is against Our youth, and we as a community must understand the pain that Our young people are going through. Then, we will be better to assess and give the proper help or punishment that fits.



Kenny F. Jean

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