Man dead after officer-involved shooting in Greece

Man dead after officer-involved shooting in Greece


By Spectrum News Staff

Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan says a man called 911 claiming he was going to kills his wife.

Police arrived to the home on Betwood Lane, off of Long Pond Road, near Greece Athena High School shortly after 2 a.m.

The man outside the home pointed a long gun at police. Police say he refused to put the gun down, officers then shot and killed the man.

“If an officer has a firearm pointed at him, he is under the threat of deadly physical force, the response to that is deadly physical force,” Phelan said. “That is the only appropriate response to being presented with threat of deadly physical force, unfortunately. What that person’s intentions were — we may never know.”

Police say the man’s wife was asleep at the time and that the officer involved in the shooting is a two-year veteran of the force, who is OK.

Phelan says police are withholding names at this time.

Phelan says the officer involved was the only officer present at the scene at the time of the shooting.

The Chief says that over the years there have been a number of calls to that house, but nothing substantial. Phelan added that aside from the sleeping wife, there was no one else at the home.

Betwood Lane is not expected to be open for several hours as police investigate, according to the chief.